Change the way we age membership

Change the way we age membership

Do you want to feel healthier, happier, less stressed, balanced and most importantly YOUNGER?

You have found what you are searching for.

We are here to help you change the way you age! 

Through our 6 pillars of health and wellness, you will learn how to take care of yourself from the inside out.

Diet, Exercise, Stress Management, Social Connection, Wellness & Brain Connection. 

Join us for a journey that will change your life.

ONLINE MEMBER - $11/week - You will have access to ALL our online content, programs and everything included in the Over 50's Health & Wellness Plan. We are adding new challenges, events, and content all the time. You will always have something new to keep you motivated. 

note: $11/week is billed monthly at $47.67 as PayPal only allows monthly billing.  

9 Modules


The benefits of exercise to our health and wellbeing are undeniable. 

There is a range of different exercise prescriptions to manage different medical conditions. 

Our team of Exercise Physiologists & Physiotherapists have created a range of activities, classes and videos for you to get the most out of your exercise plan. 


Brain Connection

The belief used to be that the ageing brain cannot develop new connections! How wrong we were. Did you know you can continue to develop new brain pathways & connections for our entire life!

Brain training allows us to jump-start the process called neurogenesis. Growing new brain channels will help you get yourself a "younger' brain. We also know that brain training allows us to reduce our dementia risk!

Stress Management

Stress is now one of the biggest complaints among the western world. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, stress is the health epidemic of the 21st Century. 


Body, mind and soul is a concept we are all familiar with, but how much time each week do you put into looking after each of those? This module looks into better care for your mind and soul. 

Social Connection

Loneliness is now considered a health epidemic. Countries such as England now have a minister for loneliness to assist managing loneliness and the health issues that accompany it.  

In this section, you will find events, challenges and information about all our catch-ups. 

Check back here regularly as we are always adding new content. 


Easter 8 week challenge starts April 13th. 

Exercise, Diet & Mental Health. 

Together we do better. 

1000 Squat Challenge

Welcome to the 1000 SQUAT CHALLENGE. 

This Challenge is all about physical and mental strength. 

2 weeks, 1050 Squats! Yep, thats 50 more than you thought when you signed up for the challenge. We know you love a bonus round so we couldn't resist. 

You will need to commit to the challenge mentally before any physicality begins. It will be tough, it will take time out of everyday. At the end of the challenge though, you will have achieved something you never thought possible. 

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